Sandara Conventions and Suites is a choice event center, designed for any kind of indoor events such as business meetings, seminars, board meetings and conferences. It is secured, accessible and in a well serene location with spaced parking lot. With our well-positioned and fully equipped structure and great management, we are here to accommodate and spice up the best scenario to not only meet your needs but leave you with a classic and long-lasting image you can’t find anywhere. Technology matters and because virtual events are the new norms, with our free live streaming service you can connect your event to Facebook or YouTube.

Our H1E hall has the capacity to welcome fifty to one hundred and fifty (50-150) sitting. This hall is the venue choice for leading training and education providers. The high quality of the venue enhances your training experience, enabling our clients to learn in a comfortable and engaging environment. You can maximize collaboration and get the most out of your meetings by harnessing the power of our free live streaming service for your meeting, to drive virtual engagement to your Facebook and YouTube clients.

Our H2C stunning Grand Ballroom Seat 500 business attendees also suitable to host a VIP reception or post-event cocktails including other social gatherings. The hall is accompanied by mini changing rooms to maximize comfort and give you the best luxury experience.

Our H4C4 Collocation Centre is a work space for entrepreneur who need a free thinking business operation area to operate from. You only come with your work tools, and enjoy uninterrupted power supply and 24hrs air-conditioning atmosphere.

Our soundproof H3b Board Room offer individual climate control that supports discoveries, mediation, arbitrations, examinations and much more. It illuminated with proper lighting, and comfortable executive equipment to meet executive meeting needs. We are able to provide our clients with a cool, secured, clean and peaceful environment that gives you a welcoming ambiance and relaxed atmosphere that enables you generate great ideas.